13 things that have been banned by UK universities

BBC Free Speech

Spiked-Online recently had a look at freedom of speech at Universities all over the country. Using a traffic light system of ranking, they concluded that over two thirds of our higher education centres have some sort of restrictions on free speech. But then Free Speech always has limits.

Blurred Lines
University of London, Edinburgh, Leeds, Kingston, Derby, Chester, Brighton and many more


A sexy slice of R&B funkaliciousness, or a devastatingly misogynistic slab of lyrical and visual hideousness? It seems most universities think the latter – it’s the most banned thing across university student unions in the UK! Anyone that can serve up the lyrics “I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two” whilst twerking with a 20-year-old has probably earned both the ban and every creepy uncle award going.

Birkbeck University

Farage having a smoke It’s a Farage-free zone at Birkbeck. According to the student union, when discussing UKIP, the “homophobia, Islamophobia…

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