Response to Dan Snow et al from Lets Stay Together

James Campbell

Dear Dan Snow and other celebrity supporters of “Let’s Stay Together”,

I would like to share my views with you on the letter signed by you which asks the people of Scotland to vote “No” in the referendum next month.

I am English and England is my home.  I grew up in England with Scottish relatives but always felt English.  I lived in Glasgow for 3 years in my mid-20s in the 1990s.  This experience confirmed to me that I am most definitely English.  I like Scotland but I support England in every sport. I know where my heart lies.

When I first became aware that Scotland might vote for independence, I felt indignant and hurt.  Like you, I respected their democratic decision in my head but my feelings were different.  I followed the “Yes” and “No” campaigns online and got up to speed with the issues.  Pretty soon, I…

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