Sending a “love letter” north of the border

James Campbell

Last week, the London Evening Standard hosted a debate in London on Scottish independence between prominent “Yes” and “No”-sayers. Labour peer, Dame Helena Kennedy, for the “No” side, was quoted as saying that we English must send a “love letter” north of the border if we want to save the union. See

I am not sure if anyone in England has got round to doing this yet but if it’s not too late, I’d like to make a contribution. To make it easier for everyone down south to do this, I have produced a one-size-fits-all template letter which can be tailored to individual tastes. It can be used by English people who sympathise with “Yes”, with “No” or who don’t know. Scottish posties – get ready for a deluge. Here it is:

“Dear People of Scotland,

I love Scotland because :

[*choose all which apply]

• I like Irn…

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