#indyref: It’s not worth the risk. What risk? Err…

“It’s not worth the risk,” Margaret Curran said today. She actually tagged it on to, “It doesn’t take a wizard to see…” in a fucktastic attempt to be seen as relevant by the ‘yoof’ who’d been treated to the shocking news that a long time Labour donor billionaire had given a lot of money to the Tories. Err, I mean Better Together. Which has some people from Labour up at the front. 

I digress. “Not worth the risk.”

I disagree. I think it is worth the risk but let’s examine the phrase briefly. All great successes come after risk. You have to speculate to accumulate, you have to face the fear of rejection when asking out the love of your life, you have to leap before you can fly. Risk is a hurdle we all have to face if we want to get ahead in any meaningful way. The question then is, do you think an independent Scotland will be any good?

You don’t need me to tell you the stats on child poverty, obesity, austerity and inequality within the UK today. Things are, according to the Institute for Studies general scale, a bit shit right now. You have to be very pessimistic (or in need of some more information) to think that things are likely to be worse. Almost certainly they will be as good, if not better. The PM, Darling, Moore, Moore XXL; all of them have said Scotland could go it alone. The reward is a better country so the risk seems worth taking to me.

What are these risks though? I’m seriously asking. The risk of NATO deciding the North Atlantic suddenly isn’t that strategic an area any more? Doesn’t seem likely. The risk of the EU immediately halting the rights of European citizens residing in Scotland? I’ll bet any of you money right now that doesn’t happen. That’s how feart I am of that ‘risk’. What else is there? The oil would run out? Don’t need it. Pretty windy up here. Lots of water. Energy aint a problem and economy’s more or less the same as rUK’s even without it. No currency? I’m pretty sure we won’t be the only nation in history to suddenly forget how money works.

Seriously, what is this great risk we’re supposed to be so afraid of?  The fact we won’t be able to change our minds? How many countries that declared independence from England ever wanted to? Where’s the risk? What is it?

 And how could it possibly put us off the goal of a better country?


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