#IndyRef: Vote No & Scotland Dies

Yes, the title was intended to draw you in. Clickbait is the term, methinks. I don’t think it’s wildly wide of the mark however, so this likely won’t be the most positive entry I ever write. I’ll be quick then, because it’s Sunday, and Jesus said you shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about ICM on the Sabbath. Or something. Perhaps worth noting how similar this deliberately provocative title is to the shite you hear from Better To Get Her representatives though. Change ‘and’ to ‘or’ and it’s almost exactly what you’ve been told of late. I’ll be honest about things though. I am trying to scare you. This is my own little 900-word Project Fear. The difference is, lest I be labelled a hypocrite (and that would really ruin my life so please don’t), beyond this I’ve written tens of thousands of words on the positive case. The Alistair Darling Show is still waiting for the romance storyline to begin. Anyway, here we go.

Consistently we can rely on the polls to tell us a number of things. No is ahead. Women are less decisive. Most (though most certainly not all) Yes supporters also lend their weight to the SNP.

Arguably the most important point beyond the first however, is that most people base their decision not on woad warriors or their favourite drink, but the economy. Those who think Scotland will be better off under independence tend to favour the idea, and those who feel the opposite tend not to.

I say, ‘tend’ because the polls also show us that there are people who believe Scotland will be better off with independence and are minded to vote no regardless. I make no judgment on these thoroughly… interesting people. Not today anyway. Tomorrow I’m back on Twitter so I may make quite a few then. Anyway,

Scotland needs immigrants.

A huge part of a thriving economy is a population in work. For that to happen, you need two things. Naturally as all would immediately point out, you need jobs which 300 years of The Most Successful Union Everisn’t doing squat for lately. Since contrary to the myth of foreigners stealing our jobs and enjoying unemployment benefits (evidently at the same time, somehow), immigrants are in fact notably more likely than the indigenous population to be employed, pay taxes and start up new businesses. New businesses mean new jobs. Lovely. There’s something else we need them for too though.

Scotland’s dying.

In more ways than one, but for the purposes of this post let’s narrow our gaze. The population is growing older. A greater and greater number is becoming too old to work. Too old to pay taxes. Who takes their jobs when they retire? Who makes up the bill? We’re forever being told that Scots are emigrating south because there are more contemporary opportunities there. We know it’s true. The ‘Black Hole’s reach is long indeed. Young ambitious Scots wanting to make their fortunes are very often best heading abroad. We need immigrants to do the jobs we don’t want to do, to make new ones we will, and to make up the numbers of taxpayers in this country that we’re currently losing to another.

What’s the best chance of this happening? Scotland becoming independent and becoming a vocal and enthusiastic member of the European community? Or Scotland remaining part of a union dominated by English right-wing sensibilities based on Europhobia, isolationism and let’s be honest, full-on fucking racism in more corners than one? Here’s how the near-future is going to pan out.

There will almost certainly be an in-out referendum regarding the UK’s membership of the EU.

England will almost certainly vote to leave.

If Scotland remains within the UK, even if every single Scottish voter wanted to stay in the EU, like almost every general election you can think of, it would make no difference whatsoever.

Scotland as a member of the UK would leave the EU. It would truly become part of an embittered, isolated, fortified island nation. It would see draconian immigration policies enforced upon it due to England’s wishes, with no consideration as to whether or not this practice was harmful to Scotland.

Consider also feeling in Europe to this new burst of what ironically enough, would best be called harmful nationalism. Do you think France, Germany or Austria will be eager to trade with a country that’s just told them to do one? Do you think they will do anything at all to make trade easier for us? Do you think that absent the protection of the European Courts other countries will give a damn about our fishing ‘rights’? Will our citizens (who will be after all, the ones who explicitly chose this future) be afforded the same rights across the continent that they currently enjoy?

Scotland’s polulation has done diddly squat since WWII. It needs immigration not to thrive as a nation, but to survive as one.

England’s population has boomed. It does not. It does not want it. England has 500 more MPs than Scotland.

England will come down on immigration like the Mail has always wanted it to. Scotland will not get the immigration it needs to prosper.

You know how that story ends, and even with such an inflammatory title, you’ll struggle to find much hyperbole above. It’s been said before that a vote for no is not a vote for the status quo. Never was something more true.

Imagine where England will be in 10 years. Then ask yourself if that’s the future you want, or if we should try and be better than petty scaremongering based on where a person was born or what colour their skin is. If that doesn’t move you, try and imagine where Scotland will be in 100 years.

Thinking of voting no?

Imagine if it will still exist at all.


Go on. Say something interesting.

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