The BBC is failing in its partisan responsibilities

We all know the BBC is the cornerstone of a vast liberal media conspiracy in the UK. The Daily Mail tells us often enough, for a start. So does The Telegraph, and that’s like, a real newspaper. The BBC is pro-Labour and anti-Conservative. The Prime Minister referenced this himself last week in PMQs. “Even the BBC agrees…” was a common phrase. Of course if even the Beeb agrees with a Conservative policy, clearly it’s good, eh?

Trouble is, as liberal conspiracies go, the BBC is shit. The BBC is run by Lord Patten. He’s a former Tory MP for Bath, was largely responsible for the Poll tax, is currently a Tory peer and devout Roman Catholic who oversaw the Pope’s ridiculous visit to the UK in 2010. So he’s a bit shit to be leading the Marxist revolution.

And you have to consider that the Prime Minister and his fans care less about daytime soap opera than they do BBC News, specifically the politics division. That’s where you’ll find real bias. Except, the BBC’s Chief Political Editor is Nick Robinson, who started his political life as Chairman of the Oxford University Conservatives Assosciation, spent the 2010 election warning against a coalition government in an attempt to see off the threat the Lib Dems posed, and days after the ConDemNation was announced, presented a BBC documentary optimistic about this brave new style of government the Tories were leading. That same year he was caught on camera tearing up an anti-war, anti-cuts protestor’s placard. He fucking hates liberals, so he’s a bit shit too. He’s also a Man United fan, so clearly he’s a bad person.

Got it! What about that Daily show about Politics? Can’t remember what it’s called. It’s hosted by Andrew Neill and he’s always having a go at Conservatives! Probably something to do with his other position as chairman of The Spectator… which is the country’s oldest conservative magazine. Shit.

What else have we got? Well there’s the unfair coverage isn’t there? The Beeb favours liberals on TV rather than conservatives. Don’t they? Well…

In strand one (reporting of immigration, the EU and religion), Gordon Brown outnumbered David Cameron in appearances by a ratio of less than two to one (47 vs 26) in 2007. In 2012 David Cameron outnumbered Ed Milliband by a factor of nearly four to one (53 vs 15). Labour cabinet members and ministers outnumbered Conservative shadow cabinet and ministers by approximately two to one (90 vs 46) in 2007; in 2012, Conservative cabinet members and ministers outnumbered their Labour counterparts by more than four to one (67 to 15).”

That’s a quote from Mike Berry of Cardiff University, who conducted a study into BBC impartiality. Incumbents always get more airtime than the opposition, but the numbers above don’t really support the liberal conspiracy angle any more than anything else we’ve looked at. Shitting shitter.

The BBC is clearly biased. We know that. It’s like knowing that a digestive biscuit will dissolve in tea, waving your genitalia at schoolkids is bad and any man that debates sexism with a group of feminists is just fucking asking for it. The problem is, it’s not doing a very good job at it lately. It’s almost believable that in an attempt to combat the perception that they’re biased, they have in fact run to the other extreme, and that’s just not good enough.

The BBC is failing in its duty to be biased and so provide something for conservative media to moan about on a slow news day. I for one am ashamed at this lack of partisanship. It’s not that I’m annoyed Beeb; I’m just disappointed in you. You’re the worst example of biased liberal media elite I know. Tut tut.


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