Like what you see? Pay me and I’ll like whatever you want

Looking to hire someone powered by fags and IRN-BRU? There’s something wrong with you. It’s my kind of wrong though, so don’t worry about it.

I’m the proud holder of a qualifying degree in English law which means a lot of things, foremost among which is the fact that I owe the British Government a lot of money. Further down the list it also means I draft contracts, user agreements, terms and conditions and 50 Shades of Grey waivers. Well, I haven’t done the last one, but I’m fairly sure I could.

I’ve been providing graphic design services for individuals and companies for ten years now and every now and again someone remembers to pay me. It’s good when this happens.

I’m also a writer (with a blog, you see?) and have written professionally reviewing products, been published on various websites (yes, apart from the ones I create myself) and completed short stories, longer stories and screenplays, some of which I might actually get round to sending to a production company one day.

In short, I have a number of skills and I’ll happily whore myself out to anyone who pays for them. I’ve a Freelancer account here, a Facespace page here and a blog here. Yes, here. I’m also on that Twatter thing, but usually just copy things from here or Facebook. Oh, and I’m on deviantART as well. So there you go. I’m not quite at Kardashian levels of infamy just yet, but I’m working on getting a video produced too.

…speaking of which, you can find me on YouTube as well. Nuff links?


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